Ronaldo Touch Bracelet

Ronaldo Touch Bracelet

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The Touch Bracelet© was created several years ago in memory of one of Ronaldo's close personal friends named Ray.

One day, Ray's brother, Al, called Ronaldo to tell him that Ray had developed inoperable liver cancer and that Ray's medical prognosis was grim.  So Ronaldo immediately called Ray to offer him words of encouragement and advice.  Ronaldo told Ray to not listen to the negative news that his doctors were telling him about only having a short time left to live, but instead, Ronaldo told Ray to trust in the Almighty God for his inner strength.  Ronaldo told Ray to eat healthy foods, drink pure (non-tap) water, do daily breathing exercises, to fight hard for a quality life each and every day and to share special moments with his family.  As time went by, Ray felt a little bit better and he even he told Ronaldo that he wanted to get well enough in his battle with cancer where he could be able to join Ronaldo on his dealer road trips selling jewelry.  As Al was driving Ray to get his cancer treatments, Ray took those opportunities to call Ronaldo and Ronaldo would keep encouraging Ray to trust in the Lord and not to get discouraged by his doctors.  With this positive encouragement and some small changes by Ray to his lifestyle, Ray was able to live much longer than his doctors had originally thought.  And Ray was happy.

But eventually, it became clear that Ray would not be able to beat his liver cancer, which had so thoroughly ravaged his body.  So Ray called his family and Ronaldo together where he took the opportunity to personally thank Ronaldo for being such a good friend and a such  positive influence.  He told Ronaldo how special the extra time he had lived because of Ronaldo's positive messages had meant to him and his family.  Ray told Ronaldo that his words of encouragement had touched him greatly.  But Ronaldo thought it was just the opposite, and he replied:  “Ray, you got it wrong.  It was you who had the courage to choose to fight.  And Ray, you are the one who touched me.”  A short time later Ray was promoted to heaven and Ronaldo created The Touch Bracelet© in his memory.  The message from Ray's battle was clear in the inspiration behind this bracelet – we all have it inside of us to touch someone in a very special way and we should remember that the more love and goodness you give to others from the purity of your heart, the more rewards God will send back to you.

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