About Us

Everett & Allie’s began our business on May 26, 2008. We are a family operated business consisting of Mom and Dad: Linda and Joseph Shelman, and their daughters: Dana Flaherty, Leslie Ory and Alicia Tinelli.

Our mission is to provide quality items and customer service. We want you to feel special and excited about your experience. We will always offer fair priced, high quality items and stay current on trends.

Everett & Allie
When coming up with a name we all decided we wanted it to be unique, to feel old, to have something to do with a bird and have a personal connection to us and our family. This was harder than we thought it would be. But one day when brainstorming and talking about our family and family names, Everett and Allie’s seemed the obvious choice. It was unique, old, Allie’s nickname was “birdie”, and it definitely had the personal connection we were looking for.

Everett and Allie Keys Shaw are the late grandparents of Linda. Everett retired from Ft. Knox and Allie was a homemaker who enjoyed quilting and singing in the church choir at First Baptist Church. They were Linda's two favorite people in the world and were a huge influence in her life. Linda’s fondest memories of her youth included her “Mimi and Granddad." They were good people who loved their grandchildren, made each of them feel special and tried to pass on good values and life skills.

Our Motto
A Gift for Everyone and Every Occasion