August 2019

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I love August...but I love something about everything (LOL, just ask my husband, I have sooo many favorite things that he says they aren't qualified to be favorites.) 

Wednesday I rode to work with Leslie and walked a little way down my drive to meet up with her.  On that little walk, I was reminded of all of those first days of school--the ones where I waited for the bus with my sisters and the ones where I put the kids in the car to take to school.  The color of the sky, the smell of the light breeze and the feel of the air brought back so many memories.  All good...mostly.   

August is a month of endings and beginnings.  It's the final days of summer.  The end of sleeping in and staying up late, of relaxed schedules.  It is also the time of new beginnings, of the stomach butterflies from a new school year, of new schedules and the rushing around that comes with it.

At Everett & Allie's, August bring these same changes. We are beginning to change over from summer to autumn.  Everyone is ready for a change.  Our homes and wardrobes are all affected.  If you are local, come in and see us.  If not, tune in and watch our facebook live videos.  See what is new in the store!  I will also continue to be adding more to this web store as time goes on.  Keep checking back.

Just remember that there are so many little things around us to appreciate and take in.  Take a moment to slow down and embrace the memories that come with them.  

Until next time,