We say goodbye... to our store front

On October 31, 2020, we said our last goodbye as we closed our storefront.

It was a wonderful 12 years and we were so lucky to have had this time within our community.  We met wonderful people and made friendships that will stand the test of time.  Because of these connections, this decision was not made lightly.  It was just time!   We appreciate all of our customers and all of the kind things people have said and done for us.   

We did not close because of Covid-19, but it didn't help anything either.  Concern for our customers staying safe was just too much on top of everything else.  

The web store is/will be available for all purchases.  We are working on freshening it up and getting going again real soon.  

If you haven't already follow us on FaceBook, to see what is going on at E&A's!

Thank you for hanging with us!

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